Who We Are

B&B Excavating, Inc, is a family owned and operated business. The Buzzard family has a long history in the Methow and Okanogan Valleys.

Baynard Buzzard

Baynard Buzzard grew up in Okanogan and after graduating high school went to Big Bend Community College and then Eastern Washington University. During that time, he worked as a smokjumper during the summers. Baynard joined the Navy in 1966 and was discharged in 1970. In 1972 he went back to college at Central Washington University and still worked as a smokejumper during the summers. After graduating from college Baynard worked for the Forest Service year-round until 1981. He began B&B with a partner in April of 1981 and bought that partner out the following year. He now operates B&B with two of his three sons.

Aaron Buzzard

Aaron Buzzard is the second oldest child in the family. He began working for the business when he was younger, but began working full time after graduating high school. Aaron operates all the company machinary and sometimes may be seen driving the dump truck. Aaron is married to Emily Buzzard and they have a son and a daughter. Aaron enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and spending time with his family.

Isaac Buzzard

Isaac Buzzard is the youngest of the brothers. He, like his older brothers, has been helping with the business since he was little. Isaac joined B&B Excavating, Inc permantely in 1999 after graduating high school. Isaac also operates all the company machinary and including driving the dump truck. Isaac is married to Tia Buzzard and they have one son and a daughter. Isaac enjoys horseback riding, hunting, fishing, camping, and spending time with his family.